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Murray GuesthouseMurray Guesthouse price: 30 USD   rating: 9.1 
Victoria Nui Sam LodgeVictoria Nui Sam Lodge  price: 69 USD   rating: 9 
Victoria Chau Doc HotelVictoria Chau Doc Hotel price: 158 USD   rating: 8.9 
Hai Chau HotelHai Chau Hotel price: 15 USD   rating: 8 
Trung Nguyen HotelTrung Nguyen Hotel price: 14 USD   rating: 8 
Hung Cuong HotelHung Cuong Hotel price: 24 USD   rating: 7.8 
Hoang Duc HotelHoang Duc Hotel price: 37 USD   rating: 7.2 
Ben Da Nui Sam HotelBen Da Nui Sam Hotel     rating: 7 
Chau Pho HotelChau Pho Hotel price: 40 USD   rating: 7 
Vy Khanh Guesthouse Chau DocVy Khanh Guesthouse Chau Doc      rating: 7 
A Chau HotelA Chau Hotel     
An Thanh HungAn Thanh Hung     
Anh Anh 2 GuesthouseAnh Anh 2 Guesthouse  price: 19 USD  
Anh Van GuesthouseAnh Van Guesthouse  price: 7 USD  
Bao Bao HotelBao Bao Hotel     
Chau Doc HomestayChau Doc Homestay price: 24 USD  
Chi Nguyen HotelChi Nguyen Hotel price: 25 USD  
Dai Loi Hotel Chau DocDai Loi Hotel Chau Doc     
Dinh Thanh Cong GuesthouseDinh Thanh Cong Guesthouse  price: 15 USD  
Dong Bao Hotel Chau DocDong Bao Hotel Chau Doc price: 17 USD  
Dong NamDong Nam price: 24 USD  
Dong Xanh HotelDong Xanh Hotel price: 15 USD  
Floating Hotel Chau DocFloating Hotel Chau Doc    
Guesthouse 20Guesthouse 20     
Ha Long Hotel Chau DocHa Long Hotel Chau Doc    
Hai Van GuesthouseHai Van Guesthouse  price: 10 USD  
Hoa Ly GuesthouseHoa Ly Guesthouse  price: 21 USD  
Hostel Dang LoiHostel Dang Loi  price: 24 USD  
Hue Binh Hotel Chau DocHue Binh Hotel Chau Doc price: 10 USD  
Khanh Toan GuesthouseKhanh Toan Guesthouse     
Kieu Lan HotelKieu Lan Hotel  price: 31 USD  
Lam Hung Ky MotelLam Hung Ky Motel     
May va Nui Hotel and Restaurant Tram AnhMay va Nui Hotel and Restaurant Tram Anh    
Minh Trang MotelMinh Trang Motel  price: 21 USD  
Ngoc Hung Mai HostelNgoc Hung Mai Hostel     
Ngoc May GuesthouseNgoc May Guesthouse  price: 17 USD  
Ngoc Phu Hotel Chau DocNgoc Phu Hotel Chau Doc     
Ngoc Thuy2 GuesthouseNgoc Thuy2 Guesthouse     
Nha Nghi Thoai ChauNha Nghi Thoai Chau     
Phong Lan Guesthouse Chau DocPhong Lan Guesthouse Chau Doc  price: 12 USD  
Phu ThongPhu Thong  price: 21 USD  
Phu Vinh Hotel Chau DocPhu Vinh Hotel Chau Doc price: 34 USD  
SFO HotelSFO Hotel    
Song Giang HotelSong Giang Hotel     
Song Hao HotelSong Hao Hotel    
Song Sao HotelSong Sao Hotel    
Thanh Binh B HotelThanh Binh B Hotel     
Thanh Mai Hotel Chau DocThanh Mai Hotel Chau Doc     
Thanh Nam 2 Mini HotelThanh Nam 2 Mini Hotel  price: 17 USD  
Thanh Van 1 GuesthouseThanh Van 1 Guesthouse  price: 19 USD  
Thoai Chau 3 GuesthouseThoai Chau 3 Guesthouse  price: 12 USD  
Thuan Loi HotelThuan Loi Hotel     
Thuan Phuoc HotelThuan Phuoc Hotel  price: 16 USD  
Trieu Tuong GuesthouseTrieu Tuong Guesthouse     
Van Huong Mai ResortVan Huong Mai Resort    
Vinh Phuoc Hotel and RestaurantVinh Phuoc Hotel and Restaurant    

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