Choose any of 115 hotels available in Lefkada Town

Hotel Boschetto
rating: 9.9 price: 69 EUR 
Mira Resort Maisonettes
rating: 9.8 price: 100 EUR 
Villa Marina Lefkada
rating: 9.5 price: 53 EUR 
Ithaki Holidays
rating: 9.3 price: 26 EUR 
Anthias Garden
rating: 9 price: 45 EUR 
Bella Casa Lefkas
rating: 9 price: 29 EUR 
Ionian Breeze Studios
rating: 9 price: 40 EUR 
Kydonies Villas
rating: 9 price: 89 EUR 
rating: 9 price: 44 EUR 
Villa Verde Fenia
rating: 9 price: 45 EUR 
The Aigli
rating: 8.8 price: 109 EUR 
Dionysia Rooms
rating: 8.4 price: 29 EUR 
Kastro Maistro Apartments Lefkada
rating: 8 
San Giovanni Luxury Studios
rating: 8 price: 74 EUR 
Villa Ioli
rating: 8 price: 44 EUR 
Ionion Star Hotel Lefkada
rating: 7.3 price: 69 EUR 
Ianos Hotel
rating: 7 price: 53 EUR 
Lefkada Center Apartments
rating: 7 price: 36 EUR 
Lefkas Blue Residence Lefkada
rating: 10 price: 59 EUR 
Saint Thomas Village
rating: 10 price: 114 EUR 
Villa Elia Lefkada Town
rating: 10 price: 74 EUR 
Villa Olivastro
rating: 10 price: 96 EUR 
Villa Verde Lefkada
rating: 10 price: 49 EUR 
rating: 10 price: 44 EUR 
Aelia House
price: 65 EUR 
Aeriko Homes of Distinction
price: 139 EUR 
Ageras Santa Marina
price: 74 EUR 
Agios Ioannis Villas
price: 220 EUR 
Agrambeli Rooms Apartments
price: 60 EUR 
Agrikies Villas
price: 171 EUR 
Alexandros Lefkada Town
price: 35 EUR 
Alexaria Holidays Apartments
price: 30 EUR 
Anemos Blue
Apartments Prokimea
price: 65 EUR 
Arenaria Leucadia
price: 200 EUR 
Arenaria Leukadia Villas
price: 398 EUR 
price: 49 EUR 
Bliss Boutique Yachting Ionian
Brunello Seaside Apartments
price: 38 EUR 
Casa Dina Lefkada Town
price: 50 EUR 
Casa Smaragdi Villas
price: 234 EUR 
Casa di Maura
price: 69 EUR 
Casa di Varco
price: 39 EUR 
Castelia Lefkada Town
price: 75 EUR 
Dimitra Rooms
price: 45 EUR 
price: 24 EUR 
Eleana Studios Lefkada Town
price: 38 EUR 
Elizabeth Apartments Lefkada Town
price: 49 EUR 
Evaggelia Studios
price: 29 EUR 
price: 50 EUR 
Floating holidays
G K City Apartments
price: 49 EUR 
Giorgos House
price: 65 EUR 
Green Villa Lefkada Town
Gyra Villas Lefkada Town
price: 123 EUR 
Gyra Villas
Hellenes house
price: 57 EUR 
House downtown Lefkada
price: 75 EUR 
Iliaktida Studio Villas
price: 40 EUR 
Iliana Villas
price: 71 EUR 
Ilios Studios Lefkada Town
price: 39 EUR 
Irini Villa
Kamares Luxury Apartments
price: 300 EUR 
Kaposantes Apartments
price: 93 EUR 
KiteSailing ro Lefkada Korfu Ithaka Zakynthos
price: 279 EUR 
price: 69 EUR 
Lefkadio Suites
price: 50 EUR 
Lefkas City Apartments
price: 34 EUR 
Lefkas Hotel Lefkada
price: 38 EUR 
Lefkas Marine Apartment
price: 43 EUR 
Lefkothea Apartments
price: 34 EUR 
Leos city apartment
price: 44 EUR 
Leukada Apartment
price: 52 EUR 
Magician Apartment
price: 99 EUR 
price: 54 EUR 
price: 46 EUR 
Niriides Lefkada Town
price: 58 EUR 
Nirikos Hotel Lefkada
price: 44 EUR 
Niver Plaza
price: 79 EUR 
Odeon hotel Lefkada Town
Old Town Apartments Lefkada Town
price: 39 EUR 
Paraskevi Apartments Lefkada Town
price: 90 EUR 
Pension Maria Lefkada Town
price: 24 EUR 
Polikarpos Villa
price: 99 EUR 
Porto Nirikos
price: 44 EUR 
Saint John Lefkada Town
Saint Thomas Village Lefkada Town
price: 124 EUR 
Santa Maria Luxury Apartments
price: 69 EUR 
Sapfo studios
price: 39 EUR 
Semiramis Lefkada Town
price: 62 EUR 
Sozos Inn
Spiros Apartment
price: 38 EUR 
Studios Niki B
price: 61 EUR 
Studios Niki
price: 55 EUR 
Sunset Home
price: 536 EUR 
TradeWinds Cruise Club Greece
Villa Altina
price: 59 EUR 
Villa Dimitris Lefkada
price: 38 EUR 
Villa Domus Nostos
price: 99 EUR 

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