Choose any of 54 hotels available in Kalavryta

Finday Boutique Hotel
rating: 9.5 price: 114 EUR 
Ahilion Hotel Kalavryta
rating: 9.2 price: 49 EUR 
Charoula Rooms
rating: 9 price: 39 EUR 
Chrysa Guesthouse Kalavryta
rating: 9 
Enastron Hotel Kalavryta
rating: 9 price: 39 EUR 
Guesthouse Eleftherios
rating: 9 
Hotel Anerada
rating: 9 price: 54 EUR 
Kynaitha Hotel
rating: 9 price: 58 EUR 
Xenonas Fanara
rating: 9 
Xylino Chalet Kalavryta
rating: 9 price: 54 EUR 
Kalavrita Canyon Hotel Spa Kalavryta
rating: 8.8 price: 67 EUR 
Aphrodites Inn
rating: 8 price: 54 EUR 
Aristarchos Hotel Kalavryta
rating: 8 
Georgios V Chalet Kalavryta
rating: 8 price: 74 EUR 
Helmos Hotel
rating: 8 
Montage Suites Hotel
rating: 8 price: 50 EUR 
Tzovolos Apartments
rating: 8 
Aithra Boutique Hotel
rating: 7 
Anesis Hotel Kalavryta
rating: 7 
Castle Resort
rating: 7 
rating: 7 
Archontiko Zafeiropoulou
rating: 10 
Azanias Chalet Kalavryta
rating: 10 price: 64 EUR 
Alpine Aria
price: 66 EUR 
Aphrodite Inn Kalavryta
Artemis Maisonettes
price: 74 EUR 
Danys House
price: 67 EUR 
Dreamcatcher Maisonette No 2
price: 149 EUR 
Dreamcatcher Maizonette No 3
price: 99 EUR 
Eftichia Studios Kalavryta
Esperides Hotel Kalavryta
Evdokia Studio
price: 120 EUR 
Fteres Hotel
price: 29 EUR 
Guest House Fanaras
price: 49 EUR 
Guesthouse Armakas
price: 54 EUR 
Guesthouse Kertezi
Guesthouse Mouses
Hotel Spa Filoxenia Kalavryta
price: 50 EUR 
Hotel All Seasons Kalavryta
price: 49 EUR 
Hotel Lida
Hotel Melampous
Levandes Houses
price: 290 EUR 
Lithos West Greece
price: 39 EUR 
Maria Kalavryta
Mezonetes Xelmos
price: 65 EUR 
Michel Studios
price: 61 EUR 
Nefeli Guesthouses
price: 79 EUR 
Papastavrou Apartments
price: 54 EUR 
Paradosiakos Xenonas Sopoto
price: 79 EUR 
River Country Homes
To Agnanti tou Helmou
price: 50 EUR 
Vaitsa Rooms
price: 34 EUR 
Villa Kalavryta
price: 39 EUR 

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