Choose any of 81 hotels available in Hydra Town

Phaedra Hotel
rating: 9.8 price: 126 EUR 
Mistral Hotel Hydra
rating: 9.6 price: 87 EUR 
Portadelmare Guest House
rating: 9.3 price: 100 EUR 
Hotel Leto Hydra
rating: 9.2 price: 163 EUR 
Hotel Orloff
rating: 9.2 price: 161 EUR 
Botsis Guest House
rating: 9.1 price: 54 EUR 
Greco Hotel
rating: 9 price: 87 EUR 
Hotel Nefeli Hydra
rating: 9 
Angelica Hotel Hydra
rating: 8.6 price: 109 EUR 
Ippokampos Hotel
rating: 8.6 price: 85 EUR 
Hydroussa Hotel
rating: 8.4 price: 74 EUR 
Kirki Hydra
rating: 8.3 price: 62 EUR 
Alkionides Pension
rating: 8 price: 49 EUR 
Bratsera Hotel
rating: 8 
rating: 8 price: 165 EUR 
Pension Achilleas
rating: 8 price: 53 EUR 
Piteoussa Guest House
rating: 8 price: 59 EUR 
Amarillis Hotel
rating: 7.4 price: 49 EUR 
Andrea Pension Hydra
rating: 7.4 price: 54 EUR 
rating: 7.2 price: 54 EUR 
Guesthouse Alexandra Hydra Town
rating: 7.1 price: 109 EUR 
Sidra Hotel
rating: 7 price: 49 EUR 
Hydras Chromata
rating: 10 price: 80 EUR 
The Hotel Hydra
rating: 10 price: 179 EUR 
18th C Artists Villa
Alleyway House
price: 198 EUR 
Althea Hydra Town
price: 228 EUR 
Apartment Sunrise Hydra Town
price: 119 EUR 
Areti Hydra Town
price: 44 EUR 
Artists Heaven Villa
Athina Guesthouse
price: 54 EUR 
Beautiful traditional house in Hydra
price: 143 EUR 
Bratsera Traditional Settlement
price: 128 EUR 
Cosy Stone House
Cotommatae Hydra 1810
price: 199 EUR 
Delfini Hotel Hydra Town
price: 64 EUR 
Douskos Guesthouse
price: 129 EUR 
Eagles Nest Hydra Town
Gaia Hydra
price: 59 EUR 
Glaros Guesthouse
price: 49 EUR 
Guesthouse Corali
price: 59 EUR 
Harmony Hydra Town
price: 184 EUR 
Hotel Aris Hydra
House Aquata
price: 550 EUR 
Hydra 2 Floor Villa
Hydra Icons Hydra Town
Hydra Melia
price: 463 EUR 
Hydras Corner
price: 239 EUR 
Hydra Icons
Hydrea Hotel
price: 223 EUR 
KK Houses
price: 119 EUR 
Kalogiannis Apartments AcquaBlue SunnyShades
price: 140 EUR 
Katerinas Home
Keresbino Hydra
price: 239 EUR 
Kodylenia Apartments
price: 225 EUR 
Lelas House Hydra Town
price: 140 EUR 
Lemon House Hydra Town
price: 149 EUR 
Levantes Stonehouse
Luxury House Aquata
price: 581 EUR 
price: 84 EUR 
Mastoris Mansion
price: 97 EUR 
Nereids Guesthouse
price: 59 EUR 
Paradiso Hydra Town
Pension Efie
price: 69 EUR 
Pension Erofili
price: 77 EUR 
Pension Zoe
Phaedra Hotel Hydra Town
price: 125 EUR 
Rafalias Mansion
Ranias House
price: 220 EUR 
Spalieri Rooms
price: 69 EUR 
Studio ADA
price: 169 EUR 
Studio Annezo
The White and Stone House
price: 149 EUR 
Theano Guesthouse
price: 46 EUR 
Theassis Guest House
Traditional house Hydra Town
price: 199 EUR 
Villa Andreas Hydra Town
price: 274 EUR 
Villa Castello Hydra Town
price: 117 EUR 
Villa Sunrise Hydra Town
price: 79 EUR 
Villa Sunset Hydra Town
price: 345 EUR 

Most popular hotels in Hydra Town